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Wow! We made it to 2021, feels good to write that date above! We want to thank everyone who supported our small shrimping business through what may have been the toughest year for many. We look forward to fulfilling all your shrimp needs and more in this new year!

Speaking of more, we are excited about a few new additions to our product list! We are now carrying OYSTERS! Our heart has always been local, and small businesses with like minded practices, so we teamed up with Barrier Island Oyster Company and Lady's Island Oyster Company to bring you two unique tasting delicious oyster options. Barrier Island SEA CLOUD Selects are raised in floating cages close to the open ocean provides the oyster with constant wave action which provides a perfectly "tide-tumbled" oyster clean, salty, briny, and beautiful. They jumped into the wild harvest game just a few months ago to bring the us a super clean cluster sold by the half bushel. Lady's Island Oyster are our newest addition. Coming from Beaufort, SC, the Coosaw River. Their signature SINGLE LADY oyster is hand nurtured from seed to harvest. We are happy to have this sweet & salty beauty at the dock! We will now be carrying ROYAL RED SHRIMP from a boat & Captain we work closely with out of Florida. Royal Reds are sweet flavor like a lobster, crab, and scallop made a shrimp baby! These beautiful shrimp are bright white and red all over. They take a gentle hand in cooking as they cook twice as fast as White Shrimp and can get mushy if overcooked. Don't over do it, a tiny bit of butter, salt, and fresh squeeze of lemon are all you need!

A word from the water! The season is slowly wrapping up locally so we bid the Carolina Breeze, Captain Donnie Brown and crew a safe trip down South to continue to bring us some beautiful white shrimp through the off season. That's right, we won't be running out of shrimp!

And now for the most delicious part of this Newsletter, the featured recipe! We asked our gals at SIMPLE PROVISIONS to give us their WHITE SHRIMP SALAD ROLL recipe, because who doesn't LOVE shrimp salad? Tess Atwood, Blake McCormick, and Kirsten Lawton are the Chef/Owners with a true knack for curating your special occasions, events, or simple meals to eat at home. Give them a follow at SIMPLE PROVISIONS on Instagram to see more of what they do!

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