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If you aren’t on social media these days are you even living?  Kidding, well kind of.   Emily Hahn  came to us while taking a hiatus  from the very demanding life of being a restaurant Chef, and two years later she has just finished her first season as a Deck Hand on The Miss Paula, when not on the boat she puts her hours in at the dock helping to process the shrimp,  and most recently has taken over our social media accounts as well as our Newsletter, and assisting Cindy with sales and marketing.  In the Social Media & Press section of our website, we would like everyone to be able to see what is happening in our world.  We will share with you articles, podcasts, trips & and adventures , and general fun information that helps you keep up with us via Instagram, written press, and of course Facebook, and Twitter!


Since this is a new addition to our website we will back track a bit to the beginning of the summer when we had a visit from the Charleston City Paper editor Mary Scott Fletcher, who was looking to do a story on Chefs transitioning their life in the kitchen to a life on or very close to the water; luckily our very own Emily did just that with us.  Article title, Two prolific chefs escape the kitchen and find peace at sea, Charleston City Paper.


Early in the Summer the Captain & Crew on the Miss Paula had Kiawah Legends Magazine ride along to write about the day in the life of a commercial shrimp trawler and some insight into the shrimping industry & how Captain Vasa Tarvin was inspired as a young pre-teen to become a commercial shrimp boat Captain.


Cindy Tarvin and her husband Taylor got into the shrimping business for their son.   Passion project that is now becoming a very well known, well oiled machine on Shem Creek.  Cindy recently sat down with our friend Stephanie Burt of Southern Fork, to participate in her podcast about the day in the life of an owner of a family owned and operated shrimp business.  Cindy and Taylor have two other children who have also been a part of the business growing up.  Clink Link above for Episode 167!


Stay with us regularly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!  We will keep you posted here with new and exciting press!

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