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O U R 
S H R I M P 

Did you know that shrimp caught off the East Coast – Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina – are considered the best quality fresh market shrimp because of their flavor and texture? Even the Fulton Fish Market in NYC prefers SC, NC, and GA shrimp over the others and will pay a premium price to get them. Kind of makes you want to get some too, right?

The shrimping season in our area opens around June 1 and generally remains open until December 31. Weather determines how our day will play out, but we always plan to head out around 4am and come back to the dock in the late afternoon. Fuel prices also have an effect on the decision of going or staying at the dock. There may be days we will not have shrimp available because of low expected catch vs. fuel costs. If we are not going out or are not expecting to catch much, we can advise you about where else to find shrimp.

To find out what we have at the dock, call us, follow us on Facebook, or pay us a visit! If you contact us during the day (texting works best), we can have your order bagged and ready for you to pick up at your convenience. 

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