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M I S S 


Miss Paula is a beautiful, classic wooden shrimp trawler. She was built in 1969 for Waring Hills of Isle of Palms, SC and named for his daughter, Laura Anne. Although the  Laura Anne was his pride and joy for over forty years, the time came for her to begin a new life with a younger captain, and she found her way into our care.


We purchased the Laura Anne in late 2011 from Mr. Hills, .and we are determined to care for her as well and as fully as he did. We are often asked where the name Miss Paula came from. Since Vasa was introduced to Captain Magwood by a favorite teacher, Paula Urbano, it seemed only fitting to we honor her in some way, so we decided to name our trawler after her. We all know the importance of having a teacher who encourages us to chase our dreams, and we  are   reminded of this each time we look at our beautiful boat!