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June 2022 Newsletter

Here we go y’all! As of June 1 all waters will officially be open for commercial shrimping! It has been a long wait! The off season was difficult for us this year as the shrimp down south seemed less abundant and the cost of fuel just keeps rising! We so cherish and appreciate the continued support and understanding from al of our restaurant and retail clients. It is business as usual however at the dock, processing shrimp and making sure we always focus on quality first for everyone.

We are moving into the hotter months which means a squelching 80 plus degrees every day inside of the fish house- we hope everyone understands we want always the best for our customers but understand folks- we are hot, and I am not bragging on our looks though we aren’t a bad looking bunch!

A word from the happenings on the water; the Miss Paula is in her prime it seems for an old gal! She is running great and Captain Vasa Tarvin and crew Cole Signor are keeping her in tip top shape as she remains the most economical boat on the creek for our business! The Carolina Breeze has been down south and now returned for our local shrimp season and continues to freeze her catch daily fresh on the boat to keep us stocked up in our freezers as well. Captain Donnie Brown and crew are always looking for the biggest shrimp to keep you jumbo lovers happy!

What’s cooking in our world and what can be cooking in yours? Our dear friends and loyal customers COHOG, an amazing traveling husband and wife duo who have made a living on their passion for NEW ENGLAND cuisine have given us a delicious chef driven recipe for their version of “Buffalo Shrimp Tacos.” Our thoughts on these Chef driven recipes is that our retail home chefs will relate and have the confidence to create professional chef dishes at home with our amazing shrimp!

Courtney and his Wife Nicole are veterans of the restaurant industry and you can find their pop ups online at CO_HOG on instagram for any and all updates on their weekly locations – we of course love everything they do with our shrimp but DO

NOT skimp on the “stuffies” and any other specials they made feature for the week!

As always, we want to thank everyone for their continued support and keep loving our shrimp and smiles ! Cheers to shrimp season 2022!


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