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Fall/Winter Newsletter

November 2022

Hey, Hey! It has been a while! We have been crazy busy with this season and all of the challenging and happy things that comes along with running a small business. As many of you know returning to a normal daily routine after Covid has had its ups and downs. We are happy to say that our family and team are doing well and in good spirits!

At the dock we have been busy with retail and maintaining a steady day to day pace making sure all of our loyal customers have what they want available to them. We have added a few things to the retail shop to include NEW HATS, a delicious locally made pimento cheese featuring Holy City Hog chorizo, and as a little added bonus, you can now grab a bag of yummy boiled peanuts too!

Things out on the water can always be challenging for any fisherman, and it is no different for shrimpers, their crew, and captains. Relying on Mother Nature to gift you a bounty of shrimp can be frustrating, but we are grateful when she is good to

us! Our boats are as always, works in progress, it always seems when one thing is running smoothly yet another thing could go wrong; but such is life right? We are always just happy that our Captains & crews are safe when they are out there and safe when they return!

You may have noticed a slight increase in pricing (everywhere), and just as a small reminder, we do pay our boat crews a good living wage, and try to always keep our shrimp prices in line with other docks as much as possible. Fresh shrimp is hard to come by and we want you to know we appreciate your dedication to our company!

Now lets talk about something new and delicious you can make with our beautiful shrimp! This newsletter we are featuring Chef Joshua Begley of Indaco, a popular downtown Charleston Italian restaurant, part of the Indigo Road Hospitality Group.

Chef Begley has been busy opening another Indaco in Greeville, NC and has taken the time to share one of his favorite Shrimp recipes with you to cook at home!

Please visit our FEATURED RECIPES section to make this dish at home!


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