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Brown Butter Shrimp Roll

Serves 4

1# Tarvin white shrimp

3/4# Butter (unsalted Kerry gold)

1ea. Shallot

2ea. Garlic (clove)

2ea. Lemon

2T. Old Bay

1T. kosher salt

1ea. Butter lettuce or Bib

4ea. Top cut Potato bun


In a 10' Cast iron skillet place butter on a burner at medium high heat until the milk solids just start to turn light golden brown. Turn your burner down to medium and add sliced shallots and garlic. Allow to soften and slightly caramelize. Add the old bay and let “bloom” (Pro Chef term for open up in flavor) for 10 -15 seconds. Now it is time to add your shrimp to this buttery delicious mix! Cook the shrimp with a little pinch of salt until they are just starting to plump, remove the pan from the heat and add the zest of two lemons along with their juices and stir until incorporated, set aside. In a separate pan, slather the sides of your buns with room temp butter and brown to your desired crispness. Make sure you brown them enough to where steam has fully gotten into the middle of the roll! Pull the bun apart, add lettuce cups and Brown butter Tarvin shrimp and eat immediately!

Chef’s Note

Being from the intercoastal water way of Mt pleasant/IOP South Carolina, I grew up popping the heads off white shrimp every season. I always loved the super simple methods of cooking from the start: boil, grill, pickle ect. They are approachable and something you can easily knock out for a social gathering or family without too much fuss and easy to clean and enjoy without spending all day in the kitchen. My wife and I moved to her home state of Connecticut when we had our second son for a couple seasons and that's when I fell in love with the lobster roll. New England is pretty fierce when it comes to mayo or hot butter and I have to say, whether y”all Southerners agree to disagreeI am a hot and buttered guy all the way! South Carolina has the best shrimp in the world. I always grab my shrimp for my restaurants and home use exclusively from Tarvin Seafood because to me, they are true, local small business & Southern shrimpers, honest and sincere with incredible integrity. Give this a shot. You will not be disappointed!

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