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COHOG “Buffalo Shrimp” Tacos with Miss Paula Shrimp

Recipe Yields Dinner for Four

You’re gonna need a blender y’all!

And a pack of your favorite small flour or corn tortillas.

You are also going to need about ¼ # of your favorite blue cheese.

This is a creative play on “Buffalo Shrimp” using a recipe for salsa macha; a Mexican sauce / marinade used in many traditional dishes.

First , we are going to make a little slaw for your tacos.

:: 2 cups shredded cabbage (Pro tip, who are we trying to impress here folks, use a

bagged shredded mix sold in your local grocery)!

:: ½ cup thinly sliced celery

:: 1 Cup DUKES

:: ¼ Cup cider vinegar

:: 3T sugar

:: 3/4 tsp salt

:: pinch black pepper

:: pinch old bay seasoning

:: 1 T prepared horseradish

Mix all of these ingredients together , taste, add a lil’ pinch of this or that if need be, and set aside.


:: 6 each dried Arbol Chiles , don’t panic- these can be found at your local grocery in the ethnic section or World Market. Buy the bag, double this recipe- you wont regret it!

:: 1/4cup veggie oil

:: ¼ cup Raw peanuts ( not the end of the world if you have some roasted peanuts laying around and sub in)

:: 1 T sesame seeds

:: 1 T finely chopped garlic

:: 1/8 of a can of chipotle peppers

:: ½ cup cider vinegar

:: big pinch Kosher salt

:: 2 T honey

Method :

Peanuts , sliced garlic , sesame seeds need to “shallow fry “ in hot oil until golden brown.

Remove from oil and set aside - then add dried chilies to the oil and fry for about two minutes to infuse oil.

Add all ingredients into blender and slowly add oils.

Blend all ingredients in that blender we told ya you would need until super smooth. (If you have a little trouble with this being too thick for your blender, just add a touch of water to get her going!)

Next UP!

The shrimp:

1# peeled and deveined Tarvin White shrimp

:: cook these babies in your favorite cast iron or pan until just done on each side. Season with a little salt and pepper!

Make your tacos:

Warm your tortillas and lay down a few shrimp per tortilla, drizzle your nice smooth salsa Macha onto your tacos, and then put down a nice little nest pinch of slaw! When building your tacos , place crumbled blue cheese onto each tortilla then top with other goodies … FOLD AND Devour!!


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