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October 2021

After a long stretch of waiting for the big shrimp to arrive, the wait is over! So far October is looking very promising and plentiful! Mother nature always calls the shots for each shrimp season and some are better than others. And, we always want what we cannot have so when the small and medium shrimp are in abundance, everyone wants the big ones, when the big ones finally arrive those medium shrimp lovers seem to flock in. There is good news for all of you; we work very hard beginning to end of each season to process as many sizes as possible into one pound trays for retail sales and larger bulk supplies for our loyal restaurants. Speaking of restaurants did you all know that you can find our beautiful shrimp in restaurants all over the Lowcountry? That’s right, we deliver daily to our restaurants so they can create fabulous dishes featuring our shrimp for you to enjoy!

Many of you have started to follow along with us on social media and see our daily offerings “at the door” inside the fish house so you may have noticed some beautiful brown shrimp being featured the past couple of months. We have a great working relationship with a boat out of Florida where one of our boats travels seasonally. While the brown shrimp are dwindling we will start to see some of the gorgeous Royal Reds coming our way later this Fall. This weekend we are cranking back with oysters and will feature Lowcountry Oyster Company as our season opener! We also look forward welcoming Barrier Island oysters and Lady’s Island oysters very soon! Littleneck clams made a comeback this past weekend and quickly sold out in one afternoon-have no fear, we will order lots more for the upcoming weekend and try to keep them in stock each week!

With the Holidays just around the corner, we are putting the final touches on new designs for t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, hats, and koozies for purchase in the retail shop (the retail shop being the fish house, but we like to sound fancy sometimes, ha!). So many fun things in the “retail shop” these days, grits, sausages, fish fry dredge, cocktail sauces, hot sauces, and dry spices! In fact, this months featured Chef, Ty Kotz, has created an amazing Shrimp Curry highlighting a very special single origin Curry that you can purchase along with your shrimp! One stop shop! Be sure to CLICK on our Featured Recipes to make this amazing curry at home! Chef Ty is a private chef who curates intimate or larger dinners in your home highlighting all of the bounty of seasonal produce, seafood, and meats found across the Lowcountry. Make his Shrimp Curry at home, just follow his easy recipe!



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