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July 2021

They say “shrimpin’ ain’t easy and we are living that truth right now! With lots of inclement weather these past few months we are seeing a sporadic catch with the shrimp. It is Brown shrimp season and these little guys while sweet and delicious, they aren’t ideal for those seeking Jumbo shrimp! We are as always grateful to have an excellent working relationship with a boat in Florida as well as our own freezer boat to continue to try to provide us with shrimp.

With the restaurants back in full swing after some relief from Covid-19 we can hardly keep up, but we are doing our best! As many of you are aware we are a retail and wholesale small business so when the demand is greater than the supply we try to stay loyal to everyone as best we can. We want to thank everyone for the continued support and understanding. The Miss Paula is still down with a few different issues and we hope to have her back up and running out on the water very soon, hopefully just in time for when the shrimp come back in abundance. The Carolina Breeze will most likely be setting out to travel the coast soon, provided they can find the big shrimp and load a full boat! Our normally stocked freezer is looking like Mother Hubbard’s cupboard!

Some good news; we are working with a graphics person who will soon be providing us with a fun new design for HATS! YAY HATS! We have quite a few awesome locally sourced retail items on our shelves still to go with your shrimp, so don’t forget when you stop by whatever your dinner plans are we have you covered on cocktail sauces, hot sauce, rubs, boil, broth, sausages, and grits!

Speaking of dinner plans; or really any time of the day plans, we have a yummy new dish this month in our FEATURED RECIPES section! This recipe is for a Custard Cornbread with Miss Paula’s shrimp, feta, and cherry tomatoes! You could bake these baby off in the morning and eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; a sort of “spoon bread” type vibe! Chef Caitlin Schumacher has been working in restaurants for over 15 years, to include the James Beard award winning restaurant FIG, where she helmed the pastry kitchen as Executive Pastry Chef. You will soon be able to find Caitlin behind the wheel (in the kitchen) of her brand new food truck that will feature small-batch baked goods and savory pastry treats on James Island! Look for her Truck, Girl Next Dough late summer, but for now-go check out her easy to create at home recipe with our shrimpies!



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