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N E W S L E T T E R 

March 2020

Let us get right to it.  The Corona Virus is a very scary situation for all of us right now.  Small retail businesses and restaurants around the country will suffer great losses, some so great that they may not be able to pick up the pieces.  Please make sure that you are well informed of sources to reach out to.  As you all know we are a small business/grocery/retail shop that supplies shrimp to several restaurants in Charleston and surrounding areas.  With the recent "no dine in" restrictions on these restaurants several of them have had to shutter their doors with a future unknown; some are able to offer take out & delivery options.  We ourselves will continue to provide shrimp to places that remain afloat and will keep retail open as we are able.   We urge you to support your local restaurants!

On a happier note, things are coming along at the dock in preparation for the upcoming shrimp season.  The Miss Paula is getting a fresh new paint job, new flooring inside the cabin, and some other routine maintenance!  We have invested in an ice blower that has been refurbished and with any luck will provide the fleet & neighboring boats and docks with the ice they need for boats & retail shops on the creek!  The Carolina Breeze has returned to the dock from her travels and we offloaded some beautiful Florida shrimp into our freezer; in uncertain times one thing is for sure...we will have you covered on shrimp!  It is almost that time of year for Soft Shell Crabs! Yes! Mark Richardson is busy setting up his production here at the dock and we are hoping to provide crabs for retail when the time comes.   We are upping our retail game slowly as we would like to start to provide some local hot sauces from our friends at Red Clay Hot Sauce , grits from Geechie Boy Mill, and Chef Emily's secret spice mixes for all your shrimp recipe needs!  Stay tuned! 

For this months Featured Recipe we called upon Executive Chef/Partner Bob Cook of Edmunds Oast. Chef Bob created a successful line of Korean hot sauces and glazes, BURNT & SALTY, hosts a podcast Roasting Goats, loves anything spicy, like really spicy, whiskey, and cats; yes, cats.  Please check out his easy fried shrimp recipe by clicking the Featured Recipe on our HOME page!