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Summer 2019

Shrimp Share Program

Many of you have asked about the Shrimp Share program. We are finally confident that we have enough shrimp to reinstate it! We are making a few changes to it, and I think the program will be easier and better all around.

Since we have moved to the Wando dock, we have additional options in the way of more sizes of shrimp as well as frozen tails and peeled/deveined shrimp. Instead of buying a share based on volume, we are selling shares based on a dollar amount. We are initially using Gift Cards which are compatible with the Square software (which we use for our retail business) for the Shrimp Share program. They should be available for use beginning in mid-June.

Here is how it will work:

1)      You purchase a card for a specific dollar amount. We are thinking of having 2 options to start with, a $150 share and a $300 share.

2)      When you want shrimp, you purchase it with your card. We will have special Shrimp Share pricing on each item we sell, and it will be roughly 15% off our retail price. So, for example, today I am selling large mix head-off shrimp at $12/lb. The Shrimp Share price would be $10.25/lb. Our medium/large head-on shrimp, which presently retails for $6/lb, would have a Shrimp Share price of $5/lb.

3)      The program will run year-round instead of for only 3 months, and you will be able to purchase additional shares or top up your card.

For those of you who live in the Gift Plantation area, I will keep your cards for you and provide an accounting at each delivery.

As always, we are learning as we go, but I hope this program is something that you will enjoy!

The Tarvin Seafood Family