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  • Chef Emily Hahn

Marinated Shrimp & Clams on the Half Shell

Recipe Makes 12 small portions in shell


1 pound peeled and deveind Tarvin white shrimp

1 dozen middle neck Folly River clams (heavily rinsed & washed)

½ stalk celery + the leaves (set aside for garnish), sliced a “nickel” width thick

2 large shallots, minced fine

2 bulbs fresh garlic, peeled and minced fine

3 large oil cured Calabrian chiles, chopped fine (found in grocery store in jar)

15 marinated artichoke hearts, cut into fourths

25 Nicoise olives, pitted and cut in half (kalamata works too!)

20 small ripe cherry tomatoes cut in half

1 bunch parsley (go curly, great fresh flavor)

1.5 lemon zested + juiced

1 ¼ cups good Extra Virgin Olive oil (your choice


Splash (three Tablespoons ) white wine


Toasted bread crumbs

Greek yogurt with ZA’ATAR, lemon juice, sea salt

Sea Salt (I love Maldon)

Instructions for Cooking:

In a wide bottom pot set to medium high temp, start by lightly sautéing your garlic,

shallots, and chiles in ¼ cup of olive oil. When garlic begins to take on a slight

golden color, add your clams, cover and lower heat just a touch while they steam.

Be careful in this step, as the clams begin to pop open you must remove them from

the pot and set aside. When each clam has been removed, add the rest of your olive

oil and bring up to temperate to medium. When the oil is just above “warm” add

your shrimp and continuously stir gently until shrimp are turning pink and are

about a “medium rare.” Remove from heat. Take a moment to shuck your calms and

gently cut them into thirds. Add them to your oil. Add in your artichoke hearts,

celery, olives, tomatoes and let cool to room temperature. Take this time to wash

your clamshells and dry them. Spoon out your goodies into a small mixing bowl.

Add your parsley, celery leaves, lemon zest, lemon juice, (to taste, everyone’s acid

level is different), and drizzle with a bit of extra oil from the pot. Load your goodies

into each clamshell. Top with toasted breadcrumbs, your season Greek yogurt

dollop, and a little touch of sea salt. Serve room temp!

***Pro tip: pour your remaining oil mix into a Tupper wear and use for another day,

possibly linguini and clams?



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