February Greetings from the Tarvin Seafood Gang!


We would like to thank all of our new friends that signed up while in buying their shrimp last month!  As most of you may know we have limited our retail store hours this month so that our team can work on preparing for the season to gear back up in the Spring.  Our hours of operation for full days at the Dock are Friday & Saturday, 10-6, and Sunday 10-4.  Not to worry, we are at the dock every day except Monday between the hours of 10-1 getting restaurant orders ready, so if you need shrimp please call or text to let us know you are coming. Our freezer is stocked with one pound trays in a variety of medium – jumbo sizes.  By the way, is everyone familiar with how these sizes work?  We go by count of shrimp per pound.  This means if the count is 16/20, each pound will have 16-20 big huge shrimp in it!  Smaller shrimp can be as little as 50/60 count, meaning there are 50-60 little cuties in each pound. This same counting method is used, whether or not the shrimp have heads on or off. Our frozen trays are always head-off, except by special order. Although shrimp of all sizes swim in the same water, some people believe the smaller ones are a bit “sweeter.” Our in-house Chef believes it is all about how shrimp are cooked, and varying preparations are better with different sizes. 


Speaking of Chefs, we have an addition to our Newsletter starting this month!  We will be featuring local Chefs’ recipes for you to try at home!  We want our retail customers to feel like they are meeting our restaurant customers.  A recipe and brief introduction to the chef and their restaurant will be included with their recipe.  We work with so many talented people and think this will be a fun way for us to highlight them and let you try out some of their ideas!


A quick note from the water – although the local waters have closed, the Carolina Breeze, our freezer boat, is heading south to catch shrimp that are hopefully still around in the warmer waters of Florida.  On a freezer boat, shrimp are individually quick frozen within minutes of being caught, and are stored in the “hold” of the boat, which is actually a giant freezer. This freezing method allows the boat to keep shrimp in pristine condition without any preservatives until they can be offloaded at the dock. From there they go to the freezer at our dock, until we thaw them for use. This process allows us to have more options for you and a consistently high quality product.  Pretty cool, right?   


One final shout out before closing -- We want to recognize a few organizations that work very hard to protect and promote commercial fishing and the ecosystems we work in. We are proud to work with the South Carolina Aquarium and their Good Catch Program.  Check it out for great information about eating sustainably, about restaurant partners, and what you can do to help keep our oceans and inland waterways healthy. The South Carolina Seafood Alliance, and the Southern Shrimp Alliance are two other associations we work with. Both of these groups are non-profit organizations that generate awareness and support as well as advocate for local and regional commercial fisheries. You can help too by learning about your fishermen and women, and what they are harvesting from your waterways!